Christian Motorcyclist

Where the water is

Will you go to where the water is?

So I was watching one of my all time favorite shows, and there is a part where an indigenous family widow that is caring for children says, we walk 1 mile to gather water for the family.  To which the American responds "why do you walk so far to get the water?”   And of course she says. "That is where the water is"

Some may never understand our drive and passion to go to visit our local motorcycle clubs.  Why would you go to a biker clubhouse? Why do you participate in their events?

Some may never understand our drive and passion to go to rallies and events that are sometimes far away.  Why would you drive to Sturgis, or Memphis, or Tulsa, or Daytona?

My response as part of CMA is that we should simply say.  That is where the water is. 

That is where unlimited ministry opportunities are waiting for us. 

That is where we can show an unconditional love to people that God desires to have a relationship with. God never gives up on you. 

We should never give up on the calling on our lives to show bikers that God loves them.

You want to get water, then you go where the water is.  You want to show bikers that God loves them, then you go to where bikers are.  

By the Grace of God, I will go to as many events and rallies that I can, as long as I am able. Because, to me, that is where the water is.